Auto-Shear Bucket

The all new “Auto-Shear Bucket” is an evolutionary design based on the highly successful Wylie Shear Grab – with the added benefit of being able to handle sine cereal and powder or granule type materials.

In today’s farming practice added fine materials are increasingly recognized as advantageous to feed dairy and beef animals. Under normal conditions a farmer has to cut the silage with a shear grab and then use a separate bucket to handle loose material. This requires two machines and the extra time to change between the two. The Wylie “Auto-Shear Bucket” simplifies the total operation by handling both operations.

The “Auto-Shear Bucket” utilizes an additional hinged flap plate, which when in the raised position will allow the “Auto-Shear Bucket” to operate as a silage cutting shear grab. The hinged flap plate can then be dropped by activating a single acting ram to operate as a fully enclosed bucket to collect, transport & deposit fine “blow-away” material or larger loose feed material.

The hydraulics of both front blade opening rams and the additional single acting ram (spring return) to operate hinged flat plate work on a simple single hydraulic circuit eliminating spool valves or any additional hydraulic requirement. The simplicity of design is reflected in the ease of use and serviceability.

Overall, the “Auto-Shear Bucket” enables the farmer to work more efficiently lowering his daily operation costs.



  • Two machines in One! – Operator never has to leave comfort of tractor cab to change from shear grab to bucket change from shear grab to bucket
  • Collects, transports and deposits concentrate ie. Cereal
  • Is especially efficient at transporting fine “blow-away” ground material
  • High side walls improves carrying capacity
  • Simplicity of design is reflected by a single hydraulic circuit with no extra hydraulic requirements
  • Rear box section allows all types of U-bolt brackets to be fitted to adapt to all tractor/loader units
  • Operator has flexible choice of material selection when loading diet feeder
  • No spillage of fine loose material during transportation


  • Width: 1700mm
  • Capacity: 850Kg
  • Unladen Weight: 800kg
  • Hinged Base Plate – Hardox 400 Steel
  • 10 Heavy Duty Tines – 820mm
  • 2 Heavy Duty 90mm Bore Rams
  • Nylon Adjustable Side Strips